Your smile will keep you healthy

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fitness 332278 640

Smile is a direct divine blessing to man. The one who laughs and laughs like a magnet is full of charm and remains beautiful and fragrant like a lotus flower. It is its own private production. If it is made a part of nature and practised it vigorously, then the personality becomes exceptionally beautiful. Neither can he take away old age nor does he face any difficulty while living in the midst of difficulties. The body remains strong only during puberty. Inability to survive in childhood and old age prevails. Sickness and trouble only make him swell, but the morale acquired on the basis of self-confidence is one that always accompanies and is able to fight every difficulty like a fierce biographical power. Being happy is high-level art skills.
One who has the habit of smiling leaves a distinctive impression on those who come in contact. That beauty has its own extra dignity that provides everyone with happiness and excitement. Those who come near, enjoy the flowers and fruits like sitting in the dense shade of the tree. To become proficient in the skill of staying happy by being in the company of good ones, initially by experiencing the beauty of your smile image in the mirror, it can be made a part of nature, but later it becomes a habit that is a part of a person Keeps maintained. He does not get along with him even on bad days. To be happy is to declare successively a happy and happy life. This fact is also believed and is influenced by the person adopting that level of contact, being respectful and willing to cooperate. On the contrary, people of shy nature, fearful, sad, lonely nature always remain unpredictable. No one comes to ask for their hardship and to show sympathy, as such people usually expect. When we laugh, ten people join together to participate in that joy, but when they are in a position to hang their mouths, most of the old comrades also spar and move away. It is always a matter of your hands to remember either of the two conflicting circumstances. The dominance of the state of mind is far greater than the circumstances. Everyone should be aware of this revealed secret.

The wretchedness of nature is such a misfortune, which can also be called the foreshadowing of the bad days. Individuals of selfish, greedy, egoistic nature cannot be able to easily achieve the desired nobility. Then they think of crookedness. Terror and pseudo-weapons remain with them, which they start using them from time to time without considering them as appropriate. Also, forget that the action also has a reaction. Even if you don’t get ridiculous answers, the respect of such ones definitely goes away. When the opportunity comes, not only the people affected by that attack but the listeners also become rebellious and do not fail to degrade as soon as the opportunity comes. This is clearly a path to decline. Due to the cooperation of those who use arrogance, arrogance, being deprived of respect, only circumstances which can increase in the direction of progress are not felt. Individuals of undisciplined, defiant, aggressive nature may sometimes take immediate advantage, but in reality, they make their personality so much that almost all the chances of joining with any important progress are eliminated. Such people end the journey of life only by blaming, grumbling and blaming. They are unable to accept anything which can be called praiseworthy or praiseworthy. Notoriety results in nothing more than being laden with the burden of hate. In true sense, his fellow assistant and admirer are no more. Like ghosts living alone in the crematorium, they spend only a fearful life.

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