Your disorderly habits makes you ill | Part-2

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ill 298909 640

Those who ignore the consequences of punishment, often take off on walking on the road and committing misdeeds. If at this time it can be understood that how unhealth is causing pain for oneself and for their companions, then it is possible that people should not put their hands in the fire and forget that important organ. A weak body cannot even work so hard that it can fulfil the needs of subsistence on its own, the suffering of the sick is as painful as whipping or hammering. The companions who have to take care of their time are wasted, the cost of treatment is also no less expensive. If there is no pre-accumulation in the house, there is a problem ranging from taking loans to selling clothes. Only a few have to suffer the loss of premature death if they cannot afford expensive treatment. The etiquette of sympathy is not only related to the relatives, but they also feel patient with their mind and if they are unable to get good from them, then they start to feel bad. There is no juice left in such life itself, as it has to be completed on the day of death itself.

On what basis are dreams of a bright future? All these sad possibilities stand as a barrier for only one reason that the mind also remains unwell along with the body. The two are linked together. The mind has been called the eleventh sense. Just as all the senses of a sick person feel incapable, similarly in a state of physical malaise, the mind also starts becoming unwell, confused and distorted. Irritability is often seen in the sick, they are not in a position to attack but express their anger, anger, anger and anger. With the help of body and mind, all our activities remain in a state of perfect functioning. When the body goes awry, it engulfs the mind as well and the thinking also starts messing up, as a result, the patient is not in a position to remain calm and let alone. It does not suit the dignity of others, nor does his mental level remain worthy to give someone suitable and practical advice, it is a double loss. Body disability, sickness, restlessness have to be endured on its own, but when a new round of mental dislocation occurs, a new disturbance emerges and the situation becomes semiotic. Human beings remain physically and mentally patient, due to which they have to bear double pressure. In the absence of proper thinking, the imposition of all the blame on the person and the environment around them flows. There is no psyche to understand and correct our mistakes. As a result, one has to face frustration and others despair, the tragedy increases even more due to this additional burden in the suffering of sickness – the companionship increases with surprise and isolation.

In the suffering situation, some important work and earnings are not made, as well as the additional expenditure of medical treatment etc. and the increase in the financial difficulty in front of the people of the normal level also increases day by day. In addition to medical care, the family subsistence on payment of the accumulated capital also creates a new disaster, not only the patient but also his family. Those who show sympathy, inquirers come, they also have to do hospitality. During this inflation day, he also does not put less weight. Even after getting rid of the disease, so much power comes in many days that after earning diligently, it can be run again as before. The damage caused due to financial loss and dislocation during the days of illness can be compensated. Every patient is socially or nationally guilty of harming the community, even though there is no provision to punish him. Even if deemed innocent, mercy, sympathy or service.

The reason being that sickness puts unnecessary weight on society as a whole. The training of doctors, huge infrastructure of the hospital, research of medicines, their distribution and distribution is so cumbersome that it consumes a lot of money, power and manpower. Even if the government mobilizes it, it has to meet its balance only by imposing taxes on the people. If this amount could have been saved, it would have been useful in the promotion of education, promotion of industries, and would have helped in public progress. By cutting them all means of treatment are collected for the patients. If a person performs medical treatment through private means, then it can be seen that the system of training of doctors and the construction of medicines has been created in the manner in which the planning of public resources was done.

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