Your disorderly habits makes you ill | Part-1

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Only when healthy, one can do good of himself and others, who will be weak and sick, he will not be able to produce even the subsistence, he will be dependent on others. Those who live in weight gain neither respect nor are able to help anyone. Which cannot lift its burden properly, how can it be useful to others?

Human birth is full of innumerable characteristics and personalities. Anyone has the freedom to rise as high as any human being has risen so far, but it is possible only that the body and mind are perfectly healthy. The one who proves to be useful and helpful in the same way gets respect and cooperation in the same proportion, contributes to the emergence of oneself and others, and remains a state of healthy living.

The handicapped-underdeveloped look helpless, oppressed, poor, but this line also includes people who are suffering from debility or illness. Therefore, in many miseries, misfortunes and curses, the first malaise has been considered. Efforts should be made that such situations should not occur. Even if you have to fall into this grip for some reason, then that day may not be able to stay for long. In a true sense, life is considered to be as long as it can be lived by staying healthy. With few exceptions, ill-health is the earning of one’s own self, even if it is inadvertently, delusional or called upon by others. All beings of the universe remain healthy throughout life. Everyone has to go when death comes, it is a system of destiny. There is no choice in this, but staying healthy is the proven right of every living being. All beings who are not compelled to be tied in one’s bonds, they remain healthy from birth till death. No one is ever found ill among animals and birds living a clean life if someone becomes an accident, then the matter is different.

Man’s disorderly habits make him ill. The chatter of the tongue keeps on eating inedible amounts in excessive quantity. One who cannot bear the weight, one can get out of the way when loaded. Indigestion on the stomach also runs due to this reason, without digestion, rotting and mixing of the rot in the bloodstream cause symptoms of the disease, wherever there is an opportunity. The abyss of sexuality erodes the biographical power and causes the sharpness of the brain. Uncleanliness, not getting enough sleep, stealing with hard labour, even the cottage animals like drunkenness, which are the reason for making a bad one. Avoiding open air and light, living in a suffocating environment is also a major cause of morbidity. Fluctuating tides like fear or resentment also become psychotic and keep the person eccentric, weak and sick. People who live laughing life often remain healthy and live long lives.

If a curb of justification is kept on you, then there is no opportunity to fall weak or stay ill. Uprightness gives rise to chaos level of chaos everywhere, only those who walk on this path have been seen to become diseased or live. After abandoning this incest, one can recover his lost health. Nature also behaves like an impartial judge in punishing hands of arrogance, but at the same time is so kind that he forgives for accepting mistakes, correcting habits and changing the way. How many people who have lost their health, after improving their habits, have been seen to become healthy and capable again, this path is open to all.

to be continued in Part-2

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