We improved, World improved

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If the body and mind are healthy, then the desired support can be achieved. If thinking and character are right then gentle behaviour also becomes, the cooperation area of ​​etiquette and friendship is expanded – these are great achievements. The saying of ‘We improved, Improved improved’ is very poignant and pithy despite being short. The initial, but most effective way of helping others is to show yourself as you want to see others. The other is made or not made according to his will, or it does not go – it is doubtful because where is his influence and authority overall? But he is completely under his jurisdiction. When the body can be operated at will, when its money can be spent at will, then there is no reason why its nature and activities cannot be moulded in this structure, which can be called a symbol of decency. The best opening should be done from your home. If the lamp of the house burns, light spreads from the courtyard to the neighbourhood. Half of the problem is definitely solved if you make your fill of the same desired level before influencing others. If you keep your eyes closed and go out to improve and explain to others, the matter is not made, the desired success is not achieved. Before such a hopeless hour of failure comes, it is good to at least make ourselves as high as others would like to see them.

Social reform is an essential and important question. If we look carefully at the beliefs and activities of the community in which we live, it would seem that most of the undesirables are full of them. In the beliefs, beliefs, aspirations, there is the potential for incest against human dignity. In the guise of greed, fascination and arrogance, people are often seen wandering in forgetfulness like misguides, adopting futile and meaningless customs. An inauspicious occasion like human life is often misused, it does not become something that can be proud and full of satisfaction so that others can take some useful inspiration or light – this lack is called corruption and wickedness Is. Values ​​and aspirations also affect the intellect, agreeing to support the same and have been seen to weave in a similar fashion, so mere intellectual solutions are of little use. The power of speeches and discourses is limited, writing also works to a certain extent, because the preconceived ideology has become a part of nature and is not readily ready to give up habitual dogma. Advice for the improvement of the individual or society should reach the depth of conscience with the help of such intelligent talent. This is the area to be given priority and prominence, especially for those who hope to improve others, communities and also look eager for it. This feeling and effort are commendable, but to make it effective, it is well known that it should be started by yourself. This is the seed planting which later grows seedlings, plants and trees and fills them with flowers and fruits, sitting under its umbrella gives many an opportunity to get relief.

It is right that society affects a person. The effect and pressure of the environment are such that it takes the lightest people to flow. Straw-leaves have been seen flying with the darkness. Such is the effect of collective practice-practices, that puts pressure on most people with weak mindsets to follow the trends. It is also seen that the thinking, character, nature, practice of people living in the built environment also becomes of the same level. Therefore, social scientists insist that the collective environment should be taken up with vigorous efforts to improve public behaviour. Efforts should be made to propagate from smokeless propaganda to movement, change of public mind. As much as possible non-cooperation, protest or struggle should also be taken shelter. These measures also greatly help in changing the environment.

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