Top 10 foods to Gain Weight


Top 10 Foods to Gain Weight

Foods To gain weight

Most of the people around the world are trying to lose extra shed from their body, there are many who are willing to gain some weight to their body. I would rather suggest people not to run over processed and junk foods to faster weight gain. Sure they will help in gaining weight, but don’t forget they too contain trans fats, that are enough to make your heart prey to various diseases.

Let’s have a look around how to gain weight with the help of natural foods and fruits gifted to us by nature. I’ll tell you about which foods to eat to gain weight.


Salmons are best when come to gaining weight. Protein is the main nutrient that body needs to grow muscles and hence results in gaining weight. Two servings of salmon daily is all your body needs for a day’s protein requirement.


Packed with carbohydrates and other essential nutrients, bananas with milk in the breakfast can add up to 100 more calories to your diet. This is effective and one of the best foods to gain weight.

Within 3 weeks on this breakfast along with some weight training I have gained around 2 kilos of weight. This is just superb. I would suggest all of those who want fast weight gain.


Loaded with essential nutrients like Vitamin A, D, E and protein, they are ideal breakfast. It is easy, cheap and top tip when comes to gaining weight. A boiled egg contains about 8 grams of protein. Having two boiled eggs daily in breakfast will help you to gain weight.

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Cheese is also a food that will help you gaining fast and healthy weight. Made from high concentrated milk, it is blessed with calcium, protein, good carbs and fats. A serving of cheese will add around 70-75 calories in your diet.


Oats are rich in high dietary fiber, it is best when come to soothing your digestion problems. Fiber content is oats helps in proper digestion of foods and convert the foods in energy rather than fats.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in source of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acid. They are also rich in poly saturated fats which contains healthy fats and calories. Flax seeds have some unusual taste, and takes time to get used to eat, but definitely they are super foods.


Chicken are also considered good for gaining weight. Its breast is the healthiest part of the chicken to consume. Chicken breast contains 75-80 calories. It is one of the best foods to gain weight.


Granola Packed with all the essential nutrients that your body requires to gain weight. Consists of oats, butter and sugar topped with dried fruits and thick yogurt is all you need for gaining weight. You can go for premade granola bars or you can make home-made granola.

Whole Wheat Bread

Take Whole wheat bread in your diet as it is one of the best foods to gain weight. We all are very fond of white bread, and we often ignore whole wheat bread on it. But when its come to gaining weight and nutrient contents, whole wheat bread outmatched it.

Fiber and other essential nutrient get wiped out when wheat is refined to make white bread. Add whole wheat bread along with eggs. A perfect breakfast.


On our weight loss programs, often dietitians tell us to avoid carbs. So having a reverse approach, containing carbohydrates in our diet can be helpful in gaining weight. Potatoes are full with fiber, protein and Vitamin C, one of the must foods to gain weight.

This was all about those who are willing to lose the tag of skinny people and want to put on some weight. These were some of the best and cheap foods to gain weight.

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