simple living and high thinking

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beauty 655958 640

Harmful adulteration is found in more and more foods in the market. If you keep on filling your stomach, there is a crisis for health, money seems to be high, so it is good that pure arrangements of flour, pulses, spices etc. should be made at home. If flour-mill can stay at home, then it gets good exercise and flour is also available. It is far better to fulfil the purpose of milk by soaking sesame-peanuts or soybeans than taking fake milk. It is good for those who raise animals and sell all the milk, sell it out with ghee or butter and everyone should get such a share of smoothness with the remaining buttermilk. By installing a home garden, where pure is found, there is also a saving of money. Washing clothes at home where there is physical exercise, there is an economic loss in the market, such as an early burst of acid-washed clothes, all the above works can be done together, every member of the household can be involved in them, So that would be a good trend. It will have to adopt cooperativeness and labour force. Women should not be allowed to die in this deeming work of lesser importance. The arrogance of the male class also will not rise on the head.
Women will also not feel inferiority like maid hired for small work. Every member of the family should share in housekeeping. Only small children or patients, ignorant, incapable can be exempted from it. By the way, the habit of doing your work in your hands should be in everyone. The tendency of parabolic must be abolished.

The principle of ‘simple living and high thinking’ should be embraced by every member of the family. Snapping – makeup done with the view of attracting others should be considered a deterrent in the maintenance of decency. The money spent to make jewellery, precious clothes and fashion for making unnecessary things, is considered wasteful and should be stopped because the money that is spent on it will raise the necessary resources like family health, education, self-reliance has to be cut. Simplicity and cleanliness together create such an atmosphere of taste, on which egoistic elegance can be relieved. In the eyes of the thinkers, every extravagance is considered a symbol of frivolity and childishness, and the risk of losing economic or moral ethics is certainly increased during that disorder. Everyone must be frugal to maintain authenticity and decency. Every aspect of the family should consist of simplicity and taste. This includes visionary understanding.

Diseases arise from filthiness, incontinence, dislocation. Drunkenness and vagabondism also add to the cheapness, making him pass away. Time should remain tight in the busy schedule. No one should be allowed to spend free time, not even the so-called retirees. Busy people are relatively more healthy. The dangers arising in the field of health care can be avoided to a great extent by avoiding mishaps like drug addiction.

In the case of falling ill, it is far better to take acute antidote than any herbs that grow in the vicinity and consult the experts to get home remedies. Items used as spices are also drugs in a way. Its use can be known only with a little effort and can be dealt with on its own with simple morbidity.

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