NFL star Richard Sherman arrested on domestic violence charge

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San Francisco 49ers star defensive end Richard Sherman was arrested early Wednesday morning in Washington D.C. on suspicion of burglary. Per se, warrants have been issued out of the Albemarle-Pendleton counties for Richard Sherman’s arrest after he failed to show up at his scheduled court appearance on Tuesday. As is typical procedure in the state of Washington, Domestic violence suspects are usually held in jail without bail until they can show up in court. If found guilty, these types of warrants will remain on Sherman’s person until he has paid all fines and balances on his pending legal bills.

According to the police report obtained by the Associated Press, Richard Sherman’s wife came home from work around noon on Thursday and found him lying on the couch. She asked him what had happened to him and he told her he was out with some friends. She then called her husband and when she arrived at his apartment, Richard Sherman told her that he was at work and took off his clothes to answer a call from his friend. When she asked again, Richard Sherman said that he had gone to work but didn’t have any friends.

According to the police report, witnesses at the scene stated that Richard Sherman had come home from work around noon on Thursday, walked into his friend’s apartment, and started drinking. About fifteen minutes later, Richard Sherman walked out of the friend’s apartment and was carrying a beer can. He was given a breath test upon his arrest and the alleged incident happened near his parked vehicle. He denied being intoxicated and said that he lived in the area and drank at bars there most of the week. His friend’s son told police that his father works as a mortgage broker and goes out often but he is still very friendly with them.

Richard Sherman was taken into custody after an investigation that lasted over a week. The detective who conducted the investigation, Seattle Police Detective Detainee B.K. told detectives Richard Sherman committed the burglary domestic violence and face additional charges including one count of first-degree theft in a case in which the suspect is accused of stealing a male friend’s car on Thursday, April 13th.

Richard Sherman is currently in jail in lieu of $500 bail after his arrest early Wednesday afternoon by detectives from the King County Sheriff’s Office. His in-laws did not like the fact that their family’s closest member was arrested early Wednesday. They requested that Richard Sherman is allowing to visit his in-laws during the weekend; however, the request was denied.

According to the Smoking Criminals anonymous website, Richard Sherman is a registered sexual offender. On April 13th, he was booked into the King County Jail on a charge of first-degree burglary domestic violence with a special enhancement charge of second-degree. He has been released from the jail on a cash bond, but will have to appear in court on May 7th for his official arraignment. He is also scheduled to pay fines on the burglary charge, and additional charges of first-degree theft, second-degree theft, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, second-degree assault, malicious mischief, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit a crime, and reckless driving. It is not known if he has hired a lawyer yet.

When Richard Sherman arrived home after his wife called 911, he retrieved his wife’s purse and wallet, and then confronted her in the kitchen. According to the detective’s report, Richard Sherman said he had taken his wife’s purse and wallet because he believed she had been hiding some money. He then retrieved another item from his wallet, which had a receipt for it. Richard Sherman then allegedly confronted his wife again, telling her that he had taken the money because she did not want him to go to jail. He then grabbed her phone and threw it onto the counter, breaking it.

Richard Sherman has been booked into King County Washington prison for investigation of burglary domestic violence, first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary, first-degree theft, and second-degree theft. His bail was set at one thousand five hundred dollars cash or above. He is expected to be released on May 7th. His public court records were not available as of press time. I will keep updating this story as it unfolds.

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