Live you life like a sportsman

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To maintain brain health, it is necessary to live life like a sportsman. In that race, small injuries and stumbles, defeat and victories should not be given importance. They should be considered merely as a prodigy of destiny like night and day tide. In every work, there is a lot of agility and promptness, but it is not expected that the circumstances will be created according to the desired wish. Adversities also continue to taste their sour and sweet taste, but do not let the opportunity come so that there is such an extraordinary feeling of joy and grief that the mental balance is disturbed. The charge runs up and in excitement, do not do anything that is unnatural and unnecessary, for which you have to repent and suffer ridicule.

Every work should be done with complete understanding, responsibility, readiness and honesty. Laziness-love should not be allowed in it. Do not be allowed to stigmatize neglect and laxity. Even so, it cannot be said with certainty that what is wanted will remain as it is. Be prepared for it too that if you have partial success or you have to fail completely, then you will not be able to get distracted. It should be thought that the world is not made for us. It has many partnerships. What is considered profitable for yourself can also harm others? Everyone has to take care to maintain the balance of nature. In-game one wins, the other loses. The same applies in relation to events. Desire fulfilment is the ambition of urgency. They do not necessarily have to be fulfilled by everyone. Thus, any thoughtful person should make up the mind before any possibility of losing any of the compatibility and adversity in order to win and win. The adversities should not be such that make the mood psyche and kidnap your prudence. That is the only medium through which it is possible to avoid difficulties. Anxious consciousness can continue to work to find other avenues and think of a new solution. If this level is correct, then it is possible to deal with the current bottleneck and take new steps afresh.

Let the mind remain light-hearted in every situation. Satisfaction and patience should be held so strongly that they are not able to snatch due to any reason. Harsh-mourning should be considered as a momentary rise and they should be considered as unstable like the glow of a firefly. Do not follow fly in colourful flights of imagination, and do not be so afraid of apprehension that any calamity is going to break in the next days. The sailors also sail the boat at night, but by looking at the stars, they get direction. Believing in the possibility of a bright future is the polemic on which the hope-light on reaching the goal is ignited. After extinguishing it yourself, only darkness remains in this environment. Disappointment is a type of mental disability, which does not get caught doing anything when held in its grip. In situations such as sickness, weakness, impotence, man becomes helpless and incapable. This is the condition of those people who make any failures a mole of mole. Making a snake of a rope and getting a ghost out of the bush is such a mental illusion, as it is constantly standing in front of those who are frustrated, irritated, weeping, clapping. It is good to survive this mental vortex of disaster. The practice of staying balanced, peaceful, stable and hopeful should be continued vigilantly.

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