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The accumulated badness cannot be hidden even by covering the principles, it keeps on declaring its presence indirectly like the smell of asafoetida even when it is tied in a bundle. The only way to improve and change someone is by giving them an opportunity to improve what is considered unfavourable by maintaining their harmony. Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus etc. adopted this policy and they left their unique ideals to live forever. Wars have been numerous so far. The only destruction has happened from them. No problem of any kind was solved. Two world wars of the same century testify that there is benefit in every way from adopting a policy of cooperation, not in conflict. The law can also help to such an extent to some extent. The policy followed by the doctors is correct, in which the disease is killed but it is not saved by keeping proper goodwill towards the patient. These days, there is an excess of such psychopaths, who are arrogant, aggressive, arrogant and in turn, stumble on foot. Those who find it difficult to improve, but that is not impossible.

Others make mistakes, they should be punished for it. Why should we enjoy ourselves? In such cases, neglect is also a big task. If there is no fuel, the fire cannot survive on its own.

Greed is also a terrible problem. The average citizen level is considered inadequate and there is no other way to save the money which keeps the feeling of becoming. Luxury and non-conformity provoke self-aggression. For those who want to look bigger than others, the trick of making their marbles big is thought out, they make such a mockery to look at them as images of rage and to put them in real life. Chic, childish make-up, expensive fashion, boastfulness, lavishness made to rob cheap applause, barding, advertising, pompousness cost time and money, as well as those who are allied to do the job. Even time and labour are wasted in unproductive work. Even if the loss was the same, it could be passed through. Seeing the tendency to rob cheap accolades, the anxiety of creating the same irony arises in the minds of many others and they are eager to do something in their own way to do the same. The aspiration to loot this cheap applause behind the feast of the dead, pompous weddings, pilgrimage works primarily.

This vivisection, like sexuality, is attractive, provocative and causes a disturbance in the brain and isolates it from the realities. There is no scope in the mental field so that far-reaching plans of progress can be made with peace of mind and you can achieve any concrete achievement. It is for this reason that locution, orgasm, and distraction are held to be of inferior status and asked to avoid these perverse ambitions. In order not to suffer from psychosis, you should stay away from these three unnecessary sensations by provoking and burning yourself.

Worries, fear, anger, anger, apprehension are the things that keep most of the ideas working. Trends like despair, inferiority, lowliness also cripple a human being. Avoiding this is dependent on introspection. Just as others are prevented from moving, similarly, there is a need to be more vigilant and aware of your relationship.

Always keep the brain engaged in creative work. The plagues presented on this basis also avert and suitable way for progress is also found. Only measures that produce constructive far-reaching results should be adopted to eliminate undesirable. Merely taking off after fighting tightly is not the way to defeat it. This can lead to such a vicious cycle of attack-backlash, which never ends. Slime cannot be washed with mud. Using the same weapon towards incest seems to be good and necessary, but considering its culmination concludes that the general public should adopt a policy of synergy. The act of torturing should be left to the government. In the private sector, such grounds as non-cooperation, protest and boycott only solve such problems, which may take some time, but save them from creating even more painful response.

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