Top 5 Best Fat Belly Exercise

Deadlifts Are Also a Good Fat Belly Exercise

The deadlift comes in a few different varieties based on the equipment used, but they all have one thing in common…they are tough to do and burn a lot of calories each time you move the weights. So whether you are using a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells or cables, picking up dead weight from the floor will prove challenging each and every time and the effort you put into them will make the fat slide off your body like sweat.

Pull Ups (or modified)

The pull up is one of the single most difficult exercises to do. It requires a ton of upper body strength and relies on a lot of your core muscles at the same time. Even an assisted pull up is a beast to do. The king (or queen) of upper body exercises will burn off a ton of calories and make you feel like you just ran a set of sprints when you are done.
This short list of exercises are arguably the most rewarding exercises you can do in terms of burning calories and shedding fat with each rep.
In order to really maximize your efforts you need a full workout plan that utilizes exercises like these and others to full effect, all supported by a simple yet effective nutrition plan.


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