Top 5 Best Fat Belly Exercise

belly fat exercises scaled
belly fat exercises scaled

Fat Belly Exercise

Top 5 Fat Belly Exercise: As a trainer I hear a lot of the same questions all the time. Some questions require quite a bit of explanation, while others are a lot easier to answer.
One question I probably get asked more than any other is…

The REAL answer is easy…eat healthy nutritious foods in the right amounts. The answer that most people are looking for revolves around doing an exercise (or exercises) that magically eviscerate belly fat . Unfortunately that single exercise does not exist, BUT there are some exercises that can give you the most results for your efforts.
Here are 5 exercises that will work wonders to shrink your waistline:


This exercises is probably pound for pound the most muscle recruiting exercise there is. You use legs, chest, triceps, shoulders and abs to power through each and every repetition and the jump at the end makes every rep feel like you just ran a quarter mile.


This is an exercise that can be found in every good workout routine. The legs are the biggest muscle group you have and when you load up some weight and make them work, you burn a ton of calories. You’ll be breathing hard after a good set of squats and the sweat that pours down your face won’t be from the heat in the weight room.

Turkish Get Ups Best Fat Belly Exercise

The Turkish getup is a curse word in many fitness circles. An absolutely tough exercise no matter who attempts them and guaranteed to call upon just about every muscle fiber in your body to get them done . Complete one set on each arm and you will likely not want to repeat them but the effort to get them done burns off a ton of calories.


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