Control on your ‘tongue’ is very important

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Dietary restraint can be called the first discipline of health care. Chilliness based on chilli, spices, sweets, sourness, frying, frying, picture-bizarre dishes, desserts, pickles, and jam are taught to the tongue, moving the stomach and its supporting organs – Forces the ingredients to lose their natural strength potential. Suffering from atrocities, they lose their natural capacity and get caught in the cycle of diseases after suffering from poisoning.

These days, from choosing a diet to cooking and eating, the whole system is surrounded by undesirableness. If green vegetables, season fruits, sprouted grains, etc. are being cooked by steam, then all the needs of the body can be fulfilled easily. While decorating the diet with make-up and making it brighter to the level like a prostitute, some may seem attractive, but it is only detrimental to their intimacy. Similarly, the unnecessary weight on the stomach in the name of deliciousness ultimately proves to be painful. If the natural taste of food items, the juice is taken in it, then it is also not less satisfactory. All the creatures of the universe eat their food without being adulterated, fried, roasted, in their natural form, then humans add food and eat food in the name of flavours and why they are poisoned. Steam boiling should be sufficient. Lemon, orange, tomato, ginger, fennel, coriander, cumin etc. can be mixed in the name of flavours.

If it does not work, then a little salt can be added to it. Honey or jaggery may be used in place of white sugar. It is good to keep the ratio of food grains and herbs high. In this context, extraordinary changes need to be made in the kitchen making process. These days there is an excess of food and lack of herb in food. This habit needs to be reversed. There should be an excess of herbivores. They are also relatively profitable, they are also inexpensive and due to multiple productions, more fruit in a year, their quantity is also more. Cereals such as sorghum, millet, maize ripen in a short time, give many crops in the year and are cheap in prices. Rice demands the most irrigation. There will be a shortage of water the next day. Then the work cannot be done with the grains which give only one crop in the whole year. Wheat is of this type.

Determination of diet should be done by taking a view of the increasing need for food, inflation, digestibility, easy to cook. In view of the changed circumstances, our eating habits should also be changed. New fuel policy should not be required in cooking, especially wood-dung should be required. Pressure cookers are the biggest and important requirement of every kitchen from this point of view. Those who cook with the stove’s smoke should not have poor eyes, do not get soaked in the lungs, in this view where available, gas-dung gas should be used in smokeless stove. Whatever can be prepared by boiling on steam, the same food should be included in the interest. Avoid cold, overheating substances. Make a habit of cooking food one time and using it both times. This will save the time of the female community and they will be able to take advantage of education, health, self-reliance. Hot food should be eaten, it is not necessary at all. Lunch can work at night, there is no harm in it. Food should not be made spoiled by smoothing, spices, sugar etc. Eat less with hunger. Chew more. Eating twice is considered sufficient. If there seems to be a need in the third morning or morning, then thin things like milk, buttermilk, the vegetable stock should be done. Eating more often in large amounts is harmful to everyone from every point of view.

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