Being healthy is a natural phenomenon

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If we can consider seriously the multifaceted losses of sickness, then it can be easily understood that it would be appropriate to avoid this disaster. To fulfil this purpose, neglecting the diet which can be practised by adopting the restraint, it would not seem a burden to any wise. In a combined life, profit is the benefit from every point of view. The only disadvantage is that one has to dare to curb the undesirables like disorderliness, chaos, cravings of silliness. If the amount of power spent in fighting the disease can be invested in exercising restraint, incorporating orderliness in the lifestyle, then it can provide a guarantee of overall health care.

Health is a great favour of God. He is readily available to everyone by birth. There is no need for any great understanding or secret education to keep it safe. This purpose is fulfilled by following nature signs. All beings of the world experience this dignity on the basis of inspiration and continue to adopt it uninterruptedly. In order to learn the rules which are required for them, they do not have to read a heavy course in any school, do not have to go to the advice of a doctor or doctor, nor do any tonics – valuable nutritious substances in the name of health care need to be found. So much work goes on walking on the basis of accumulated natural habits, following the inspiration of nature intertwined with life power. By accepting this dignity cycle voluntarily, all the creatures of the world keep their health intact.

Neither of them is brought up by illness. They are sure to die when the time comes, they also crash, but in that way they are not disturbed by the agony of diseases, like most of the humans are seen crying and crying. This is nothing more than the foolishness of the human being who is said to be intelligent, who, despite being a habitual figure, may not be in a hurry, but she does her work. Like wickedness, delusions also do not exist without presenting their strict response. Whether this statement is true or fictitious — it may be controversial, but it is undoubtedly that those who dislike the restraint and orderliness associated with nature’s dignities have to bear the brunt of their misdeeds like cash religion. The disease is the natural method of this. If one wishes, one can get the boon of healthy, capable, long-lived by adopting the policy of rules and restraint. There is no need to ask for a favour from anyone else. All this is completely a matter of your hands. Health is natural and sickness is completely unnatural. People are able to understand this fact when the time has passed and the birds have swallowed the field and hollowed it out.

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